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Who We  Are

Ecosystem Solutions Limited is a full service company, providing high class IT based solutions to a wide range of clients throughout Ghana. 

Our Approach

Ecosystem Solutions Limited is a solution provider in vehicle tracking, access control and surveillance for companies and organizations. The company also is into Visa/Debit card (EMV) and Card printing solutions as well. 
Ecosystem Solutions Limited is part of the TAK Group of companies, Ghana.  
The core business focus is using advance technologies to add value to the lives of the general population. The company believes in the pragmatism in finding solution to every problem that affects the day to day activities of every business and as such provides the platform for that. In doing so, increase productivity and efficiency of the business. 
We already have clients that have expressed interest in our services both in Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.  Our 
Competitive Strength
•    Strong company values (Courage, Accountability, Drive and Family).
•    Highly motivated staff force.
•    20 transactional customers (with 78 prospected customer with intent to purchase) just within the first six months in operation.
Currently have over 35 first class customers across all our product portfolio.
•    Excellent marketing/sales team with proven track record in the IT solution providing related market.
•    Strong and experience technical team with standby approved and trained sub- contractors to serve the needs of clients within and outside our geographical boundaries. 
•    Outstanding managerial team and board of directors who understands the development of business in the West African Sub- region.
Please  detail  the Company’s  key competitive strengths  •    As part of the TAK Group, we have the leverage to be positioned at any place where partners’ offices are located, hence widening our numerical distribution network across the globe. Currently we are working on strategically positioning ourselves in additional 2 West Africa countries (Cote d’lvoire and Nigeria). 
•    Every product portfolio is managed by a world class brand and the brand is supported by our international partners. 
•    Strong Technical Support through on-site training of key account representation of clients. 
•    Strong customer relation through periodically (twice in a month) check-ups of the performance levels of our products with the customer. 
•    Upon receiving Local Purchase Order (LPO) Maximum 5 working days to supply the orders placed in full and on time for all products. 
•    For volumes not captured in our buffet stock, maximum 10 working days to deliver products in full and on-time. 
•    All products are airlifted directly from the manufacturers. 
•    Warranty on all products are 24 months from date of delivery.