Ecosystem Solutions Limited is a full service company, providing high class IT based solutions to a wide range of clients throughout Ghana. Ecosystem Solutions provides solutions in fleet management, access control and video surveillance for companies and organizations. The company also provides solar energy solutions as well as rentals and services for LED giant screens.

Originally established and incorporated under the laws of Ghana under Ghana’s Companies Code, ACT 179, 1963, Ecosystem Solutions Limited is a subsidiary of TAK Group of Companies, Ghana established in December, 1995. Ecosystem was first mandated to provide IT solutions to all the companies under TAK Group of Companies. However due to the rising demands of these services in the country, Ecosystem Solutions became a fully registered company last year to meet the demands of this sector.

The outstanding professional experience brought to Ecosystem Solutions, Ghana through its directors, management team and training staff (Core Team) makes the company one of the best in the country and the sub-region.

The core business focus is using advance technologies to add value to the lives of the general population. The company believes in the pragmatism in finding solution to every problem that affects the day to day activities of every business and as such provides the platform for that. In so doing, increase productivity and efficiency of the business. The company looks at protecting lives and properties, its environment and hence, in all sectors of the economy looks at zero tolerance to waste.

The Company has a team of competent management which successfully manages the company’s portfolio.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

Quality Statement

Ecosystem Solutions is committed to become the forerunners in the provision of fleet management, access control, video surveillance and other IT based solutions, completely exceeding our customer’s requirements in all IT based requirements. As Ecosystem Solutions is entirely customer focused they listen to their customers’ needs to provide the expert IT solutions through highly trained, motivated and experienced management and personnel. To Ecosystem Solutions there is only one level of quality and service and that is to exceed ‘the highest level of our client’s expectations’

Core services

In the current ever changing technological world, it is critical that companies, individuals and organisation change the way their assets and workforce are monitored. These operations should be are monitored/conducted in a confident, disciplined, diplomatic and professional manner. Due to this, Ecosystem solutions is partners to some of the world’s most prestigious international brands in fleet management, access control & time attendance, video surveillance and other IT based solution companies. Critical to the success of this business venture is the provision of a secure and safe environment in which those business functions continue to flourish. Ecosystem Solutions provides the key to that safe and secure business environment through bespoke security and risk management IT based solutions.

Goals and Objectives

The main goal of the company aside from being the brain behind every solution to an issue also looks at the creation of jobs for the citizenry with the establishment of an office at all the ten regions of Ghana. There by having ground sight of the day to day activities in every location at real time value.

This will help in the integration of the whole country on one centralized system, hence making data acquisition very simple.