Vehicle tracking and fleet management is one of our main service lines. As the main representatives of Ctrack in Ghana, We are leaders in the provision of such services.

Ctrack specialises in the research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of technologically advanced solutions – tailor-made for the consumer or industry sector required.

As a global supplier of vehicle tracking, insurance telematics and fleet management solutions, Ctrack’s operations are encapsulated in the promise, Always Visible. Whether providing vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle response services to private individuals and their families, empowering insurance companies through intelligent telematics solutions, or helping small to large fleet operators manage their fleets – at the end of the day it all comes down to keeping our customers’ assets and daily operations, Always Visible’ (www. ctrack.com)

We offer industry Solutions in

  • Fuel & Chemicals
  • Full maintenance leasing & Car rentals
  • Government, local authorities and municipalities
  • Public transport
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Service and installation
  • Mining
  • Police & Security
  • Yellow Equipment

We offer Time and Attendance Access Control and Door Entry System solutions which help businesses protect employees, equipment and property by restricting access to secure areas. Our system allow you to control the use of doors throughout your building using the same proximity cards and key fobs as you would use with our clocking in machines. This improves ease of use from both an employee and administration point of view. The system can be configured with specific access rights on both an individual and group level based on which area an employee is permitted to access and the time of day.

The daily log in and out of working places could also be eased out with our time & attendance devices. We are partners with Fingertec in Malaysia, one of the world’s best companies in the industry. We provide fingerprint solutions for both residential and the non-residential sector.

Ecosystem Solutions provides CCTV camera installations for both residential and nonresidential buildings. We have qualified technicians who provide special CCTV requirements for different areas. Our product range starts from analog to IP cameras.

We do rentals in LED giant screens for events and shows. Ecosystem Solutions is a reliable and trustworthy Service Provider offering premium, prompt LED Screen Rental Services. With huge industry experience, excellent workforce and ultra-modern technology, the company is capable of carrying out the services effortlessly. Under the vigil supervision of experts and industry-experienced personnel, we offer LED Screens the following occasions; Marriages, Anniversary, Birthday Party, Stage Shows and many more. Our dexterous team members make use of high-end resolution screens to handle all types of adjustments. The LED Screen Rental Services we offer are highly appreciated amongst the customers owing to the timely installation and execution of the Screens. We make every endeavor to meet the customers’ satisfaction level.

Ecosystem solutions also offers IT related security solutions to clients. Our broad IT knowledge base makes our team always up when it comes to security issues. For now Ecosystem solutions is poised to provide high class solutions in the technological aspect of security. The experienced team upon consultations recommends possible solutions to tackle your possible security needs.

Access Control & Time Attendance – Products & Services

Our Products are grouped into three main categories
i. Hardware
• Fingerprint Models
• Face Recognition Models
• RFID Card Models
• Controller Models
• Fingerprint Door Locks
• Online Fingerprint Identification Models

ii. Software
• TimeTec
• Ingress
• IngressVMS
• TCMS V3 (Beta)
• BioBridge SDK
• Webster
• infoManager
• OFIS Gateway

Video Surveillance – Products

• IP Cameras (Dome and Bullet)
• Analog Cameras (Dome and Bullet)
• NVRs
• DVRs
• Video Baluns
• Capture cards

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management – Products & Services.

The following services are provided by Ecosystem Solutions; vehicle tracking, fleet tracking, fleet management, insurance telematics and asset tracking. We have software for vehicle tracking applications, fleet monitoring, fleet management and fleet analytics software. As part of our service provision we provide these products;

i. NX 12 (with or without antenna)
ii. OBD tracker,
iii. active RFID asset management
iv.driver behavior indicator
v. driver ID
vi. Integrated driver terminal (SATNAV/Communication)
vii. integrated Camera Solution
viii. Multiple Communication Channels
ix. Temperature monitoring devices and
x. trailer trackers etc.

IT Solutions/Technologies for the Banking Sector – Products

1. Series of Automatic Teller Machines
2. Foreign Currency Exchange ATMs
3. Cash Recyclers
4. Enhanced ATM with passbook
5. Financial self-service equipment
6. Video Teller Machine (VTMs)


Other Services – Products

• LED Giant screens
• Hand Held Metal Detectors
• Portable X ray baggage scanner
• X Ray baggage scanner
• Under Vehicle Scanning Systems